Wireless Pulmonary Monitoring System

DigiBreathe™ – Disposable Sensor Pads

What if you could reduce healthcare-associated infections from stethoscopes?

88% of stethoscopes harbor staph bacteria. Doctors almost never wash their stethoscopes. Out of 150 tested, 133 were contaminated!
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The DigiBreathe™ Wireless pulmonary monitoring system is a touch-free device that can detect and wirelessly transmit lung sounds to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It allows for hands-free auscultation of the chest.

ATTENTION:The DigiBreathe™ wireless pulmonary monitoring system with DigiSensor™ Disposable Pads is not currently available for sale. Any descriptions of future functionality are for informational purposes only and reflect current product direction. Availability and timing remain at Pulmonary Apps’ discretion, are subject to change without notice, and are subject to applicable regulatory clearances/approvals.

How it Works

The DigiBreathe™ wireless pulmonary monitoring system uses DigiSensor™ Disposable Pads that allow for remote, real-time monitoring. The pads are single-patient use and low cost.

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