About Us

about-usCEO and Founder of Pulmonary Apps, Kevin Trice, MD.

The company’s founder is a physician, successful businessman, and serial entrepreneur.  Since his early years, Dr. Trice has always wondered how things worked.  His passion for tinkering, design, and innovation were evident as he took apart and reassembled every watch he ever owned.

Dr. Trice is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Medicine.  Over the course of his career he has held several leadership positions in addition to working on the front lines as a physician/director in intensive care, pulmonary, and sleep service lines.  Dr. Trice has seen first-hand the effects of hospital acquired infections and the significant morbidity and mortality these diseases cause.  That same inquisitive nature, coupled with a sincere desire to help others, propels Dr. Trice to solve one of medicine’s most preventable problems.

Pulmonary Apps is a team of experts with medical device, regulatory, engineering, medical, and business development experience.  Under their direction the company has flourished from an idea to a reality.

The unnecessary patient suffering and death, increased hospitalization costs, and the excess burden on hospital systems and taxpayers has driven Dr. Trice, a physician, inventor, and entrepreneur, to address the problem of health care associated infections.

The wireless pulmonary monitoring system can help save lives!  It is innovative, unique, safe, and cost-effective.  Disposable digital pulmonary monitoring tabs are just one step in Dr. Trice’s quest to improve health care delivery for everyone.